“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”  -Virginia Woolf

I have grown up mapping my life.  Travels, roads, journeys, and geography have been a perpetual metaphor of mine.  Locations are how I remember events, routes are how I express changes, and successfully keeping a city map in my head is how I feel mastery over my life.  I revel in atlases.  If I don’t have a path to follow I become physically ill.  I crave maps.

As I get closer to 30 with no perceptible goal on the near horizon, I’m restless and fretful.  Hopefully this will be a place to explore my life maps, outer travels and inner geography.

In this blog, I imagine you’ll find 3 different kinds of posts: physical, philosophical and introspective.  I’ll explore the physical roads, trips and types of transportation around me, the philosophical/theoretical ideas of motion and mapping, and how they impact on me and where and how I want to travel through life.   They’ll probably overlap from time to time.  I’ve a naturally serious disposition, but hopefully I’ll be able to share some silliness in the midst of the introspection!

A woman must have a map and road of her own if she is to write herself.

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