Job Application

There are plenty of good things objectively about my current job, but I know that I’m not thriving.  Good Things: it’s a job in this day, it pays well, all my tasks are self directed, my office is less than 5 minutes from my apartment, and the company is rapidly expanding.  Not Good Things: I’m alone all day in the office, people mostly only contact me if they’re complaining, I’m over educated for the job, and there are hours at a time where all I have to distract me is Lainey Gossip and/or Angry Birds.  I know that this is not a long term position for me, and I’ve been hemming and hawing for the past 6 months about what to do.  I also know that I need to make a change soon, or I’ll get promoted with more money and I won’t be able to leave.

So I bit the bullet and submitted a job application for a UT academic advising position the day before yesterday.  My cover letter wasn’t perfect. But “the perfect is the enemy of the good” has been guiding me the past couple days, and I decided to dive in and do it.  I felt an immediate relief to the fretfulness I was experiencing earlier.  I haven’t heard a response, but that’s alright.  Just the act of submitting the application has been a great feeling for me.   I’ve been jamming to my “Wild Mountain Girls” playlist ever since.

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