At the urging of a friend, I’m picking this blog back up again.  I’m going to move away from the structures I imposed – I still really like the “road” metaphor, but I think trying to adhere to it was pushing me away from actually writing.  Instead, I’m going to keep the domestic realism principle in mind.

Domestic Realism is the celebration of what is, mess and anxiety and  deliciousness and joy, whether we are barefoot and dancing on cracked linoleum or tear-streaked in stacked-heel boots after a dissertation defense or resolute in running shoes for a re-entry meeting for a suspended child… It is not showing only the pretty moments; is is celebrating the beautiful. It is grounded in reality but enthralled with ordinary magic. It is life without soft focus, but also without flash.

I like that. It’s why I love my friend’s blog Strawberry Mohawk, and Nici’s Dig This Chick (who I wish was a friend) so much.  They have pretty craft and baby photos, yes, but then they talk candidly about post-partum depression, job insecurities, loneliness and other fears.  They trust us with their joys and pains.

A lot has happened for me on the job front, in very positive ways. I’m still with the same company, but about 3 months ago a new training position was created for me.  Now I’m in a dynamic office with other coworkers, and am either teaching, or creating teaching materials every day.  I’m finding it to be very fulfilling, and I can actually imagine staying here for more years.  It’s good to like my job again.

My 40lb lap dog

My 40lb lap dog

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