I have three tattoos, and the most recent one was finished today.  Getting a tattoo is a strange experience.  You trust the person tattooing you implicitly, yet they are hurting you over and over and over again.  And it does really hurts.  Sometimes, it’s just an annoying sun burn/knee scrape manageable pain level, and sometimes its a bone rattling, scorpion stinging, curling iron burning right on the edge pain; and you feel like jerking away, and crying out and smacking the artist.  But you know you can’t, or your body will be permanently jacked up.  And the whole time you’re paying for this.

So why then? There a few reasons for me; some are meaningful, some banal and some are even a little shameful.

  1. I already had two, and once you have one, it’s very easy to get more.
  2. I want a visual reminder of the lessons and truths that each tattoo means for me.
  3. It’s cool in Austin to have tattoos.
  4. They make me feel tough, and I like being the feminist with the big arm tattoo.
  5. I want to commemorate the person I am at this moment.

I got the work from Billy Baca at Bijou Studio, and I’m in love with the tattoo.  The colors are rich and soft, the lines varied, and the composition is pleasing.    Here are a few photos, and bear in mind, I’m still a bit bloody and raw, so the red will be going away!  Also, the flowers between the two succulents are a little bit more prominent in person, and aren’t quite as muted as it seems in the first photo.

Thanks for reading dearests,

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