On Living

I’d like to echo a line from another blog post:

The risk of living is dying

It’s been a weekend of downs and ups for me.   I was held by the collective grief of friends, newcasters and country as information spread about Sandy Hook Elementary.  I cried and railed and reached out to my loved ones as I thought of all those little ones and their parents, and how painful it must have been to be Adam Lanza.  There’s so much emotion in Newtown right now, at a level that I know I’m nowhere near.

And then it was Field Day yesterday.  It was brash, and goofy and energetic; totally at odds with the mood of Friday.  It felt good.   My friends and I exalted in each other and in our ability to run and laugh and feel our blood coursing through our bodies.   A few people asked me if it was still going to happen, and I don’t think it was inappropriate that I decided to still host it.   We need to live our lives in joy, laugh until we pee, stretch our hands up to the clouds, and run until our lungs are bursting because we can.  To not revel in our aliveness would be a great disservice to those who have left.  These kids won’t get to run and play and laugh anymore, so I felt that we did that for them.

Let’s keep the joy quotient of the world topped up.


photo credit Kelli B.

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