Field Day Further

Late last spring, I was feeling really down.  Call it malaise, minor depression, worn outedness, I had it.  So I started to read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben with a friend, and one piece of her advice stuck with me.  “What did you love to do when you were 10?  You should do that.”  I  remembered that when I was 10, what I loved best was organizing neighborhood-wide games.  Red Rover, Simon Says, Freeze Tag, I was the bossy queen of them all.  So I decided to host a grown up version.  And it was so much fun, that I decided I had to keep hosting them.

What you need for your own field day:

  • “Game Play” dividers – streamers, pennants, flags etc
  • Start Line/End Line items – cones, hats, shirts, sticks
  • Team indentifiers – I used bandannas
  • Scoreboard – foam poster board from Hobby Lobby with construction paper sections
  • Prizes – candy, joke gifts, small bottles of booze
  • Potables – water and beer
  • GAMES and directions on how to play them
  • Someone to take the lead
  • People to play them!

That’s an exhaustive list, but really all you need is a field, games, friends and a loud voice.  Go have one of your own, it’s the best ever!

The most recent edition, Field Day 2.0 Reindeer Games also took place at Eastwoods Park, and was a great success.  We had less people that last time, what with it being the holidays and winter illnesses, but there were 4 photographers who showed up independently!   Check out some of the amazing shots below taken by Nic and Clarence.  You can also visit this flickr set for even more snaps.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to run and play, and special thank yous to my volunteers: Sarah Megan, Anna, Lizzie, Laura and Anthony.

much love,


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