2013 Goals

For the past year I’ve kept to a similar goal structure.  I develop and consider my personal and professional goals for each upcoming month, year and 5 years.  I always put a completion date for each goal, and am constantly updating and revising the list as the goals become crystallized.   As January is the season of resolution sharing, I thought I’d make my monthly, yearly, and 5 year goals public.   Some of these goals I’m super excited by, and some are a little embarrassing, but I wanted to include everything, warts and all.  I also always add actionable tasks to help me accomplish the specific goal – which I’ve left off on a few of my goals for boredom sake!

Anthony's Christmas gift to me - a huge step towards acheiving my triathlon goal!

Anthony’s Christmas gift to me – a huge step towards acheiving my triathlon goal!

January 2012

  • Calmly and effectively lead New Hire Training Jan 22 – 26th
  • Write Green @ Roscoe and Tech @Roscoe pieces for fb & linkdIn.
  • Increase running capacity by Jan 31st
    • lengthen running interval to 4:00mins once ea week for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks have that be the base and add a 5min as the stretch for 2 weeks.
  • Successfully reduce # of “Whats?!” to Anthony
    • check in with him at end of month on progress
    • listen to what he is saying, don’t think about your reaction while he’s talking
  • Go on at least one long cycle ea week in a supportive setting
    • talk to Laura N/Liz about joining their Sunday rides, ride with Anthony, talk to Courtney/April about what they do.


  • Establish once monthly supper club with Sarah W. by Feb 28th
  • Develop Diamond’s social people group skills by July 31st
  • Run 5 miles with no breaks by March 31st
  • Bike 10 miles continuously by March 31st
  • Swim 1 mile with no breaks by April 15th
  • Swim 2 miles with no breaks by trialthon date
  • Bike 15 miles continuously by tri date
  • Participate in the Danskin Tri – May/June
  • Finish apartment thriller for public consumption by May 15th
  • Host Field Day TRES in May CINCO DE FIELD DAY
  • Pay off car by October 31st
  • Host Field Day #4 in October/November


  • If Danskin Tri is a positive experience, continue to do 1-3/year
  • Go on bike touring trip by Nov 30th 2014
  • Go on solo road trip with Diamond by Oct 2015
  • Save $10K for home down payment by Oct 2017
  • “Franchise” the Field Days ala TNSR by Dec 2017

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