Tiny Furniture in my Heart

Anthony and I watched “Tiny Furniture”, Lena Dunham’s breakout film, last night, and I’ve found it creeping into my consciousness all day.   Written, directed by, and starring Dunham, she perfectly captures the ennui and worries of the recently graduated middle class white girl.  Her real life sister and mother play their roles and it’s so endearing and raw to see them interact in such obviously truthful ways.   She awkwardly damages college friendships, has ill-advised sexual encounters, admires and yet clashes with her sister, and alternately fights with her mother and then cuddles on her lap as she reverts to childhood.  And MAN, have I been there.

been there


At times I still find myself in those places.   The fear of not knowing how your life will end up, and finding comfort in the familiar fights and love of friends and family.  The most important relationships of my life have been with other women – mother, sisters, friends; and I feel that it’s the same for Dunham.   I binge watched the whole first season of Girls recently as well, and I see it in the series too.  These women are her grounders in a life sometimes floating adrift, and it’s a dirty yet terrific endeavor to hold onto them.   I know how that feels, to fight and cut them down in the ways you know how, but still share your silly in jokes, and love them so desperately.  Thank you my dears, for being there for me.

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