Athletics for Myself

I’m so excited, because today I rode 15 continuous miles on my new bike!  I know that for some people that’s not a very note-worthy accomplishment, but 2 years ago even the 3 miles to get downtown would wear me out.   I had a few fit issues (shoulder pinching, seat soreness) but overall my lungs and legs felt great!  HOORAY!  I might actually be capable of competing in the Danskin tri on June 2nd.

Participating in non-competitive athletics has been such a mind shift for me.  On a team, my reasons to be out of breath or bodily tired were clear: your coach expected you to, and your fellow players needed you to be at high physical performance levels.  You’d compete the best you could and ideally win the game.  Nowadays, I’m pushing myself for my own fitness and achievement, and it’s so different.  I’ve had to search for new reasons to be athletic and keep going when I feel uncomfortable.

One of my favorite phrases as a small child was “Aren’t you so happy for me now?” which I would ask after any achievement, big or small.  So I started asking myself that question.  Now, it’s feeling proud of my strong capable body that keeps me going.

scattante bicycle

Helping me to be strong.

(Also if anyone is on Map my Run/Ride, feel free to add me as a friend – I’m Katie K.)

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