Buy Nothing Month: Update

Good thing I put medical supplies on the initial buy nothing list because I’ve certainly racked up some of those expenses these past two days.  ER and specialist visits aren’t cheap, even if you have insurance (and thank god I have insurance).  I’ll have a new expense tomorrow: surgery.  But in the mean time, being hurt has actually helped with not buying non-essentials; you don’t really go to bars and nice dinners when you’re drugged out on pain killers and antibiotics.

Regardless, I’m cheating a little today.  I’m hungry and don’t want to cook one handed, so I’m cashing in my papa johns pizza points.  Essentially, I’m about to order a free pizza because of the last …12 I’ve ordered.  This is going to be my last papa johns pie though, turns out Papa is a big Obama hating conservative, and I’m tired of giving him my cash.  So, still not spending money, though I am bending the rules somewhat.  Whatever, I think my broken hand and messed up spirit deserve a little pizza.


ps – thank you everyone for your well wishes and advice re: my last post.  I’ve got some hard decisions to make over the next few weeks, and I really appreciate your support and wise thoughts.

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