Post Surgery Update

My finger surgery last week went well, but I was a little perturbed when the doctor drew on my hand before wheeling me in.

It's this finger...

It’s this finger…

Turns out there were already dead bone chips in the tip of the digit, so I’m glad I made the choice to be operated on.  Those chips could’ve turned into infection central, and then I’d still have had to get surgery, but a LOT more of my finger would’ve been removed.  Pretty sure I’ve been healing well, the hand is achey (sometimes exceedlingly so) but nothing alarmingly painful.  My follow up appointment is next Monday, hopefully I’ll be able to see what everything looks like under the bandages and splint.

On Wednesday night I organized a Galentine’s Night.  It was so much fun, and just what I needed.  I’ll be writing a big post over the weekend about it, so stay tuned!

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