I love stories.  I always have.  My mom tells that it was eerie when I learned to read. Before that, she always knew where I was in the house because I never stopped talking.  But once I had my own chapter books, I would be silent for hours on end just laying around and reading.

The books I read as a little girl (and not so little) still stick with me.  Little Women, Island of the Blue Dolphins, the Little House books, Wrinkle in Time series, the Narnia stories, Mists of Avalon, Coraline, Pride and Prejudice, The Outlander novels, Jane Eyre, Cold Mountain, Charles De Lint’s writing; they all live inside me.   The intoxicating stories of these girls and women climbing their mountains, tackling their giant brain monsters, connecting with the natural world around them, and loving their families and themselves really helped to form me.  They’re all bold, vulnerable, smart, and curious.

The other element to most of my favorites works is the magic.  These characters smack up against an alternate world of exciting wonder and sinister possibilities.  The idea of a whole different fantastical world sitting just behind our own has always made me gasp and smile.  I felt shivery (but a good shiver) when I pondered it as a girl, and I still get that way.

I would be so proud if I could write a book like that.  I know the only way to get there is to actually practice writing.  So I have this idea brewing in my head and journal of a young girl named Grace who likes to hide places.  With two older sisters more interested in ‘grown up things’, Grace is often on her own.  One day, she hides somewhere and sees something she’s not supposed to see.  Because of that, a duality adventure happens in the fantastic and the mundane as she tries to recover what’s lost.   Because of that, things are damaged and people are hurt, but ultimately there’s reconnection and love too.  I’d like to not lose steam on this idea.  Any ideas on writing plans/story sharing websites etc?  Other advice?  Thanks all,


ps – my apartment thriller still gets a bit written every now and then, but this feels far more genuine at the moment.

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