Glimpses of my Sunday

5:45am –  Alarm. OhmygodOhmygodOhmydogOhmygod, I thought.  Can I do this can I do this can I do this??!!

tri prep

6:30am – In the car with Anthony.  Freak out anxious.  “We’re not going to get parking!! We should’ve been here 15 minutes ago!  AUGHRGH” He, as always, calm and reasurring.  Deep breaths.  I’m capable.

7:15am – All set up.  Feeling more confident. Smiling at co-competitors. “This is my first one too!” she said.

tri pre race

7:45am – Picking burrs out of my feet as I walk to the lake front.  Getting happy jittery.  Anthony will be volunteering at the swim out.  So many swim caps!

8:43am – “Alright ladies! You have 30 seconds left until you officially become triathlethes!” the announcer calls out.   I, and 28 other grown women aged between 25-29, squeal like children.  I give everyone near me impromptu high fives.

8:54am – Ten minutes into the swim.  Holding onto my second assist kayak to catch my breath. Mouthfuls of water on every third stroke.  Holy shit this is tough. 25m left.  There’s Anthony up to his knees in the water helping people out.  Just swim to Anthony, you can do it.  Three minutes later: “He’s my boyfriend!” BIG kiss.

9:45am – Almost done with the bike ride! 11mi and I’m feeling great. This is actually pretty fun! Rolling hills, and lovely breezes.

tri bike run

 9:56am – Legs are like jelly when I start.  Another kiss from Anthony.  “You can do it!” Walking and running.  “Way to go! You’ve only got one mile left!!” yells the cowbell ringer. What?? One mile?! LET’S DO THIS. I crank it up, sighting people and passing them one at a time.  All the men started in front of me, so each man passed is a faster time.

10:07am – “Completing her first ever triathlon, it’s Katie Kronbergs! Welcome to the family!” Did she just said my name on the loudspeaker?! I did it? I DID IT!  Red faced and teary, and Anthony went in for the congrats kiss.  What a guy.  What a GAL!  1:23:36, and I finished 7th out of those 29 women.  Still excited for the Iron Girl on June 2nd!!

tri the end

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