Moving house.  What a crazy time.  You’re energized with the new home decorating, yet exhausted by moving furniture; happy with your new shorter commute, but worried about finding the right roommate; pleased with your expanded space, but thoroughly stressed by all the damn stuff you seem to have acquired.   Here’s a few tips I offer to make your moving experience as benign as possible:

  • Spread it Out.  Don’t try to move your entire household in one or two days.  Try to get at least a week of overlap between the old and the new home.
  • Unpack your Favorites.  Get your favorite room of the home set up first.  It will make the new place feel amazing, and won’t let you drag your feet on getting the old one finished up.  Also, have a few favorite pieces (photos, art, that badass Cuisinart) to set up in the new home.
  • Get Help! Enlist friends, family, movers as many people as possible.  Also, try to pick people who are at an equal excitement level as yourself.  It’s a bummer when you can’t delve into the intricacies of curating a bookcase or gallery wall hanging if that’s what gets you going.  On the flip side, having a friend that’s crazy hyper excited when all you need is a strong pair of arms is also not a good fit.
  • Smile & Thank You.  Moving is stressful as hell.  People understand that, and your friends/parents/significant others will be generally calm if you’re snappy at them.  But that only serves to make them stressed and then the feedback loop kicks in, making you feel worse.  Check yourself, and smile at them.  Even if you don’t feel like.  You’ll get that friggin’ couch down the stairs eventually, don’t worry.
  • Make a Checklist.  Pilot lights lit? Address changed with the post office? Don’t try to remember all of these, let the list remember for you.
  • Plan a Housewarming Party.  Nothing will get you unpacked and settled in faster than the impending doom of hosting an event.
My Favorite Thing

My Favorite Thing

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