Birthing Part 2

Wow, this weekend was wonderful.  The training class was outstanding, and it alternately…

Taught Me New Skills

  • rebozos and birth balls are the bomb Photo Jun 08, 4 01 09 PM
  • breastfeeding positions
  • how to accurately time contractions
  • how to be diplomatic in wording a birth plan

Blew My Mind

  • each successive c-section is more dangerous for your body
  • to encourage proper latching, point the nipple at the nose, not the mouth
  • artificially breaking the water bag can have more dangerous repercussions than other interventions
  • the baby’s head can be born but not the body for a couple of minutes – and that’s totally normal
  • 3 tennis balls in a sock is an AMAZING massage

Reinforced What I Already Knew

  • mammals like warm, quiet, and dark places to birth
  • watching birth videos makes me cry
  • processing emotional experiences is extremely important
  • being professional and friendly with bureaucratic staff goes a lot farther than confrontation
  • letting women move and walk and bend and lean and any other active position is better for laboring than laying on your back.  That position only makes things easier for doctors.
  • sticking to a contract and being part of a certifying organization increases accountability and makes business easier
  • women don’t need to rush to the hospital as soon as they start having contractions
  • women MUST have continuous informed consent over what happens to their bodies

Photo Jun 09, 1 07 00 PM

It was a long, and sometimes overwhelming experience, but overall it was so meaningful and positive.  Thank you to Get Babied for hosting; to my fellow doulas in training Catie, Sarah, Stacy, Krista, and Adrienne; and so many thanks to Lesley, our CAPPA trainer, a 10 year doula with Laboring Hands Doula Service in Galveston.    I’m so thrilled to be walking this road with you all.

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