Telling Our Stories

I’ve recently discovered a new blog: Momastery.  The author, Glennon Melton, is different from me; she is a monther, staunchly Christian (can’t tell which denomination, but I’m assuming something further along the evangelical/fundamentalist spectrum) and a recovering addict.  And yet, her posts trigger this amazing upwelling of emotion and synchronicity inside me.  I know these things that she writes of.  I read them, and my open heart answers “yes”.   She posted this today.

Be brave enough to tell your story, [and be] kind enough to not tell anyone else’s.

I’ve listened to, participated in and agonized over the ongoing struggles of abortion rights in Texas.  As y’all know, I had an abortion about 3 years ago.   I am a feminist, and I am pro-choice.  I listened to the testimony yesterday for the House of Rep committee, and I heard amazing stories and heartbreaking stories.  I heard from women who had recieved safe and appropriate abortion services and been able to pursue dreams and remove themselves from abusive relationships, and I heard from women who had been coerced into abortions by families and patronized by doctors and regret their decisions to this day.   These women have been brave enough to tell their own stories, and they are all valuable.

But this legislation is not kind.  This legislation is the Texas senators and representatives and governer’s way of saying “This will be your life, we will tell your story for you.”  When Rick Perry says that “It is just unfortunate that [Senatory Wendy Davis] hasn’t learned from her own example”, he is telling her story.

Get out of our stories.

Our lives should be ours to live: free of coercion, and full of braveness and kindness.   I read Judy Nicastro’s NYTimes story of her 23 week abortion, and saw that her decisions were brave and kind.

I don’t know how the abortion issues are going to resolve during this special legislature session, or if they even will.   I do know that I want women to be safe.   That women alive today, living their brutiful lives, are (YES) more important than potential people in the future.   Let’s keep these women, our women, ourselves, safe.


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