Immeasurably Vast

Today I had lunch at the downtown Whole Foods, and sat in the ‘nest’; the seating area above the restrooms.  I snagged a table near the edge, and looked out over the people milling about and doing their shopping, work heels on, or babies in tow.  I sat there, and was overwhelmed by the sheer amazing-ness of people.  Not because of the accomplishments they’ve attained, or the folks they’ve helped, or the products they’ve created.  I had no idea what any of those people had achieved or failed.  Instead, I was amazed at the knowledge that every single one of them is as complex and as varied as I am.   Each person that I was looking at has a secret world inside themselves.   Each person has had their own life of thrilling joys, nagging worries and personal tragedies.

We are each immeasurably vast in spirit and beautiful because of our lives.

We are all so interesting and compelling for the very fact of our existence.  Here we are, a bunch of skin bags, with our insanely complicated biology, somehow combining to self awareness, and emotional pain, and transcendent hope.  Seriously.  It’s wild when you really think about it.

And none of us are perfect, and, as Glennon Melton rightly said,  no one has it figured out.  This awareness can be a great source of comfort: I’m not alone, I think, there are many others struggling just as I am.  But sometimes this truth is too much to remember all the time, and we lose that awareness.  We’re hurt, and we hurt others when we forget the vastness of love and pain and experience that we carry around inside ourselves.  I can be petty and even cruel when I forget, and I place myself as the most unique, most emotional, most complex person; when I focus on just my own realities.  I can be hurt when other people do the same thing to me.  It diminishes all of us.

Remembering the vastness helps me to calm down when I’m angry, soothe my heart when I’m scared, and love myself (and you) when it seems hard to do so.  I hope it can help you too.

Much love, KTK

crowd at Whole Foods with text

4 thoughts on “Immeasurably Vast

  1. You and I seem to be on the same wavelength a lot…I’ve often thought about the vastness of experiences while stuck in traffic…

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