Sleep Challenge!

april monthly challenge “Rob yourself of sleep and you’ll find you do not function at your personal best.  This is true of work decisions, relationship challenges, or any life situation that requires judgment, emotional equilibrium, problem solving, and creativity.” — Arianna Huffington


April is officially my month of sleep!  I will be instituting behavior guidelines, giving you all updates about my progress, and sharing interesting facts about sleep.  But forcing yourself to just lay down and turn the lights out is a poor strategy for effective sleep, so I pledge to do  the items on the list below.  Not only will these be challenging (no Angry Birds on my iPad in bed??), but all of them are key to ensuring that you have good sleep patterns.  Apparently, it’s quality over quantity!

I pledge to:

  • No ‘solo’ screen time after 9pm
  • No communal screen time (movies/tv in a group) after 10:00pm
  • No alcohol in the hour before bed
  • In bed by 10:30pm on weeknights
  • Exercise once a day
  • No snooze button allowed in the morning
  • And any additional ones I decide upon!

Does anyone want to join me?


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