Sleep Update

1april monthly challenge0 days into my Sleep Challenge, so it’s time for an update!

The first week I was amazing, and followed all the guidelines, but I’ve slacked a bit this second week.  The weekend was the crutch: I stayed up much later and was on my phone communicating with folks way past 9:30pm.  I was completely experiencing some ‘social jetlag’, described in Thrive as “[a term] to explain the discrepancy between what our body clocks need and what our social clocks demand.”  Getting back into the swing of things has actually been much harder than establishing the habits in the first place.

But, I have definitely noticed a positive difference.  My emotional resilience has increased: I’m able to bounce back much faster from negative experiences, or perceived negative experiences.  I was actually able to catch myself in the middle of road raging at a driver who marginally cut me off, thinking “Wow, they haven’t hurt me, and no one else is hurt.  I cannot control his behavior, but I CAN control my reaction.”  It felt good.  Really good.  I’ve had more energy throughout the day, and haven’t crashed and cried at 10-11pm.  Also, getting enough sleep during the night has meant that I don’t lay in bed until the absolute last possible moment before heading to work.  I have the miracle of grooming time.  As such, my eyebrow game has been freaking amazing.

Let’s put that on a bumper sticker: Sleep More, Get Bangin’ Eyebrows.  I’d buy it.


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