Wellness Workshop: So Close!

The Wellness Workshop is Saturday!  I’m so excited! It’s getting down to the crunch time in terms of final preparations, mostly of the Should I do a salad at lunch?, Wait, I need to get tiny journals!, Eek chairs! variety, but I’m so pleased about how everything is coming together. My house is cleaned and cleared, the schedule is set, my facilitators are ready and getting pumped up, and I feel really good about the two sessions I’m leading.

Our final facilitator is Carrie Blanda, an intuitive card reader. More accurately, Carrie is an angel reader. When I first met her, I was a little taken aback by how casually she kept using the word ‘angel’. But I felt comfortable enough to ask her about it, and she shared that as an intuitive, she could call the source of her intuitions whatever she chose: Spirit, spirits, a Conscious etc, but that when she read people’s cards, saying Angels is what came most naturally for her. It felt the most true. She asked if I’d prefer to leave it out, but as A Road of Your Own celebrates authenticity, I told her it wasn’t necessary. I want everyone who attends the workshop to be true to themselves and the own reality and experiences. As such, I’m excited to have her join Saturday’s team of wellness professionals!

aroyo facilitator flyer 2

I’ll post a few more ‘sneak peeks’ as it gets closer to Saturday!  Can’t wait!!

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