Summer Challenge: Wardrobe Building

I’ve always been interested in closet projects – re-organizations, clothing purges, color stories – every since I was in middle school.  Pretty sure the fascination comes from the Color Me Beautiful book I got for Christmas in 7th grade.  Here it was, a whole system, guaranteed to make you feel awesome!  I’ve been stuck on wardrobe solutions ever since.

Given that, I was beyond thrilled to discover Into Mind, a website dedicated to establishing and curating your personal style and wardrobe.  It’s a treasure trove of information, and I’m diving headfirst into it.  I’ve recently felt a little lost when I stand in front of my closet, not sure what to wear, and feeling like the contents don’t really match who I am these days.   So discovering this website is perfect timing for me.  Anuschka offers amazing practical advice, and this summer, I’ve decided to complete one of her projects:  a capsule wardrobe!

Screenshot from 2014-05-20 21:41:40

CAPSULE WARDROBE: Step 1 – Identify Your Trends

I have always wanted to work on and develop a capsule closet: a core wardrobe set up with good basics that I know I can depend on and that match each other.  Step one, according to Anuschka, is to create or review your ‘mood board’ of ideal clothes.  Luckily I already had this!  I’ve been filling up my ‘My Style’ board on Pinterest since I started my account.  It’s funny, because even though I’ve been steadily adding to it, I’ve never taken the time to review the board for trends and themes.  As I looked back, I had to laugh, as I was essentially pinning the same 3 outfits, and the same 3 trends, over and over!  Check it out below.

You can make your own mood board: either by flipping through magazines/catalogs and cutting out what speaks to you, keeping a folder on your computer for clothes images, or starting your own Pinterest board(you can make ‘secret boards’ now that only you can see).  Go with your gut as you pick images, and select items that ‘feel right’.  All of the images below felt like me in an instinctual way.

Remember! Look for recurrent:

  • shapes
  • patterns
  • fabrics
  • colors

What would your trends be?

Outfit 1:

Pencil Skirt + Loose fit Tank/Tee

pencil skirt + loose fit tee-tankOutfit 2:  Skinny/Straight Leg Pants + Neutral Tee + Jacket/Cardigan

fitted pants + neutral tee + jacket

Outfit 3: Solid Color Draped Dress

selection of draped tailored dresses

Trend 1: Flannel & Chambray


Trend 2: Black & White Pattern

black and white printed outfits


Trend 3: Natural/Ethnic Accessories

natural leather, wood and textile accessories


Once you’ve got your trends, the next step is one of my favorites: COLOR! Stay tuned for next week!

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