Dang y’all

Dang! Sometimes you ask the universe and you get your answers! After I shared my post yesterday on Twitter, I got a surprise:

tweet from Amanda Palmer

I was at REI when I saw this, and immediately dumped all my shit on the floor and sat down as I semi-hyperventilated. The first REI salesman didn’t get it, but the second one sure did and gave me a high five. I then, of course, called my mom. Who didn’t get it, but was happy I was happy.

Amanda Palmers’s always been an inspiration of mine. She’s a great example of a wild and strong broad, not giving a flip about being charming. This reply and shout out was amazing, and all of the subsequent twitter interactions and support brought tears to my eyes.

To everyone who’s visiting because of AFP, welcome. Let’s get to work on ourselves, and be bold and wild and free and vulnerable. Let’s share our heart magic and not cover it up in niceties, and not hide in fear. Life is messy and gorgeous, and I’m going to roll around in it. Clearly we need this. I know I do.


katie k

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