Mid-Week Links

Thursday still counts as the middle of the week, right?

Home Organization Advice from Marie Kondo – NYTimes.com — Amazing article about one of my favorite topics, clothes purging and organization. Now with wabi sabi folding advice.

Where to find ethically sourced chocolate candy – The Art of Simple — My birthday is Halloween, and I LOVE chocolate. So this is just about perfect.

Turn Your Princess-Obsessed Toddler Into a Feminist in Eight Easy Steps – NYTimes.com — Hilarious and true, but you seriously could share these with any 5th through 9th grader

Practicing Self Care – Honesty with Andrea E. — Great reminder to make your own list of practices

A Wrinkle in Time: Dirtbag Mrs. Whatsit – The Toast — OMGGGGGGG YOU GUYS. I’m crying from laughter. Mallory Ortberg is a goddess.

dirtbag ms whatsit

One thought on “Mid-Week Links

  1. Oh hey! Just visited here from my bloglovin and BAM saw my link on your list! Thanks for spreading the love- and glad to have you back blogging. Oh and P.S. – after your mention of Amanda Palmer I googled her and watched her TED talk and am now properly obsessed!

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