National Novel Writing Month

Trying new things. Putting yourself out there. Writing the truth.  All things that this blog is a home for. So in that spirit, I’d like to share that I’m writing a fiction novel! This November, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Last year, NaNo had 300K participants all across the world. I’m really excited to be one of those authors this year.

Because I try to focus on what’s real, Back Roads Land (working title!) is about sisters and family in Texas in the 90’s. And because I focus on what could be, what ought to be real, the story is also about their otherworldly ties. Back Roads Land will be a story of uncovering secrets, the supernatural, and saving ourselves and each other.  I’ve never written a full novel before, but I feel ready. These characters feel true to me, and their lives equally so. I know these people. I can do this. I hope you’ll want to read it when I’m done!

book coverVeyda Joan Caddough leaned her handlebars over the lip of the canyon, peering through the antlers tied to the middle. I am not afraid, she gritted hoarsely, I am a jackalope queen. With one last gulp, she stood up on her pedals, and went over the edge.    — my novel

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