Hello my friends! Welcome back from the holidays. Now that the excess and celebration is done (mostly done, I do live in Austin, TX after all), I’ve been circling back to what I was feeling in October and taking stock. Reminding myself of my 2015 theme, and evaluating where I am on the boldness and vastness fronts. Or as my boyfriend Randall says “being mad formidable”. Enriching. Turning my soul soil and getting my hands gloriously dirty as spring gallops in.

So, I’m tending to my day to day and taking some concrete steps to invigorate and revive back to the core of me.

  • First, I’m writing again *waves* – publicly here, and privately in my journal
  • Financial overhaul – is my budget accurate, what’s my student loan payoff/savings plan
  • Events, events, events – my heart lives in gatherings
  • Giving back – sent in a volunteer application with GenAustin, and got some small monthly donations re-established
  • Tangibles – feel free to chuckle, but I ordered a minibook of the Instagram images of me at my fiercest and most broad-like to flip through when I need a reminder

young woman cartoon with text

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