Gear Shifting – Being Honest About the Blog

I was looking through my old posts and found one that made me cringe a bit: Mindfulness Monday in November of 2013. In writing these past couple years, I’ve realized that a ‘how to’ tone isn’t quite right for A Road of Your Own, not for me and probably not for any of you. There was a forced quality: me trying to be the ‘teaching expert’. As a big sister and a generally kind, yet persistent know-it-all, it’s an attitude that comes easily. But I’m not an expert on mindfulness or peacefulness. I’m muddling through just like everyone else. I get stressed as f*ck and worried, and eat my way through pints of Ben&Jerry’s (WHEN WILL BLUEBELL BE BACK?!). I procrastinate at work and ignore family phone calls and feel like crap while I do it.

So why did I think I needed to use that ‘I am now giving Advice!’ mode? Because I thought that that was what ‘real’ bloggers did. They say “here’s 10 Ways to be a Better Friend”, or “5 Strategies towards Peace”. I’m sure it gets them a ton of clicks and traffic. But it seems like they’re going through the blogging motions without much heart. When I really consider it, the bloggers who impact me the most write about themselves and their own struggles. They don’t give tidy tips or list strategies. They say “here’s a thing that’s happening to me. It’s a pain in the ass/it’s awesome. Do ya feel me? Let’s share together.”

I think that’s why my ‘authenticity’ posts always feel strongest, and always get the biggest response. Case in point. These are the posts where I’m actually an expert on what I’m writing about: my own life. I know what I’m going through, experiencing, feeling. I am my own best expert. I sure as hell am not an expert on what I should or ought to be doing, but forget should’s and ought to’s. I need to be in the now.

derp alert

authentic me, circa 1994

With that, I’m going to adjust the blog a bit. I’m going to keep moving forward with the “Here’s this thing. Ya dig?” format which has resonated so well with myself and all of y’all. I’ll still keep the Interviews, and the weekly(ish) link sharing (because I love supporting my ladies), but I’m going to take out the clickbait listicles. Let me know if that’s a problem, but I feel like it won’t be. I’m really pumped for this change, and excited to see what happens!

much love, ktk

EDIT TO ADD: Whoa. Brain wave. “Authentic Lady Tribe Living”. Because that’s the best stuff. It’s “here’s me and this thing.” BUT ALSO “and here’s how the women in my life are the most rad”. Feel pretty awesome about this.

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