Mid-Week Links

Howdy friends, Time to CELEBRATE some bad ass writers from around the internet. I’ve been loving all of these articles and posts this week. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness guys!

Anti-Choice Crowd Perverts ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Twitter” by Imani Gandy, published on RH Reality Check – terrific piece about how people who oppose abortion on twitter have co-opted the ‘Black Lives Matter’ statement.

I Read the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ So You Don’t Have To” by Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot – taking down smug white dudes, one post at a time.

A sweet deal: The royal family of cane benefits from political giving” by Amy Bracken, published on Al Jazeera America – very touching investigative article about the relationship that the sugar bosses of America and the Dominican Republic have the US Govt.

I Am A Cyclist, And I Am Here to Fuck You Up” by Kelly Catchpole, published on Thought Catalog – SO FUNNY. YES. It’s all I hope and wish for as I ride my own bike.

Finally, if life is still getting you down, like mine was this past weekend, check out this cockatoo sharing his inner thoughts:


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