An Announcement, A Poll & A Giveaway!


I’m going to share a secret with you, one that only a few folks know.

I’ve figured out what I want to do with my long-term career.

This idea has been sitting in my heart for a long time, glowing on and off, scaring me with its intensity, warming me with its truth.

ET with glowing heart

Me right now

It’s scary to share because well, what if people don’t like it? Don’t get it? This idea is so close to my heart, that I’m very much identifying with it. If they don’t like the idea, do they like me? Which, I recognize, isn’t a very healthy response. But it’s the truth.

So here goes:

I, Katie Kronbergs, am creating an organization that hosts and coordinates empowering events and workshops for women in Austin, Central Texas, and online. Topics would include (but definitely aren’t limited to) career/life goals, self awareness, stress management, healthy relationships, finances, body image, and advocating for yourself. Name? A Road of Your Own Events

Through volunteering with GENaustin, I realized there was a huge opportunity to create something similar, but for adult women. This was my jumping off point. My wellness workshop last year really brought it home, and showed me that I could do this successfully AND that there is a huge need for an organization like this. Each event will have expert speakers, concrete takeaways, and a fun and supportive environment. Eventually, I’d love to get a physical event space.

I’ve already decided on my second event (the Wellness Workshop being the first), taking place this Friday night: Moon Church! The New Moon is a reminder to let go of the past and rebirth your passions, so we’ll be gathering this upcoming New Moon for a night of introspection, intention setting, and releasing past pains and stresses. Attendees will be outside in the night air, enjoying exercises, drawing tarot cards, making yummy custom bath salt soaks, burning things, and talking till our hearts are full.

moon church event cover (1)

If you haven’t already been invited, and would like to join us, please leave a comment! I will get you the address location asap.

For future events, I want to make sure that I’m offering the kind of workshops that you folks want and need, so please answer the poll below!

Finally, as a thank you for voting in the poll and for supporting me in this new endeavor, I want to give one of you an awesome set of goodies: the newest edition of Vagina :: The Zine (Austin based bad ass feminist zine), a postcard of a super tough vintage tattoo lady, Magic Garden: Fantastic Flowers to Color (because coloring is really soothing) and a super cute squirrel pencil sharpener! To win, just leave a comment below. Thank you friends!

giveaway gifts


much love,


7 thoughts on “An Announcement, A Poll & A Giveaway!

  1. I’d vote in the poll but seeing as I don’t live in Austin I’m not sure if my input would only skew things. But this sounds cool Katie! 🙂

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  3. Brilliant, Katie! I think this is an incredible endeavor and just the right thing for you. Can’t wait to attend one of your workshops!

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