Moon Church Recap: October Full Moon in Taurus


Thank you so much for joining me this past Tuesday for our second Moon Church! I have so much gratitude for all of you. As with our last celebration, your presence, willingness to share, and beautiful listening had me in awe. This month’s Moon Church was all about body image, and I applaud each of you for being brave and sharing your vulnerabilities.

a photo from Amanda, one of the attendees

a photo from Amanda, one of the attendees

After our introductions, we asked an opening question: which of the 5 senses is your favorite? Simple on the surface, but we dove in and discovered a much deeper truth. Because for most people, the sense they most treasured was the one they associated with memories: be it smell, sound, or touch. We heard stories of dirt biking, fabric stores, songs that took us back to a certain time in our lives. Reminded me that our physical experience of the world is always replete with emotion.

Next, we listened to excerpts from Mystic Mamma and Chani Nicholas and discussed how the full moon, particularly in Taurus, resonated with us. Sturdiness. Slowing down. Being our own anchor. Digesting and enjoying that which we take in. Being a rock steady source of calm for ourselves.

I wanted us to get conscious of our bodies, so we got out our yoga mats, and did a soothing moon salutation. Stretching, bending, and twisting, we felt our bodies move and loosen. I had found this image a while ago, and really enjoyed it’s non linear presentation of a position sequence. It’s my favorite! Please feel free to do this yourself in the evenings, or whenever you feel stressed.

chandra namaskar poses

Click the image for a guide along video!

Next, it was time to go deeper, and dive into how we perceived our bodies. We started by contemplating a painful self criticism of our bodies (I know we all have our go to). We wrote it down on a scrap of paper, and held that pain in our hands. Here in our palms was what we most often berate ourselves for. We needed to stand up to that criticism. It was time to start letting it go. So we passed a burn bowl, and one by one set that scrap of paper on fire, letting the pain burn up into ash. Some flamed high, and some smoldered, but each of us started down the path of releasing the worry and the self berating. If we felt comfortable, we shared our difficulty with the circle, and realized that we weren’t alone in our worries. What we were all feeling was heard and understood. It will take time to not use that ‘go to’ critique again. I’ve already had mine come up about 10 times in the past 48 hours! But each time the criticism surfaces, I’m able to catch myself, and say “I let that go”, and not obsess over it as I have in the past. With time, that ‘catch myself’ will happen sooner and sooner, and eventually the criticism itself will fade away.

We had opened up a space in our hearts by letting go of the pain, so then we invited in gratitude. Paired up, we considered our favorite body memory, and mixed up clay face masks. As our gal pal masked up our faces, we shared our memory, how it felt and how it made us feel. We felt cared for by our buddy, as she tenderly spread the clay on our face, and strong and powerful as we remembered the great things our body is capable of.


With our faces still moon-y from the clay, we shared our memories with the group at large, and made our own bespoke tea blend! This tea will be a tangible reminder to be grateful for our bodies: organs that do their work, legs that carry us around, hands that complete delicate actions, and backs that hold us up all without us really thinking about it. I invite all attendees to say “thank you body” with each cup brewed of their tea.

To end the night, we joined hands, and thanked each other for the presence and spirit.  It was another lovely event, so thank you so much ladies I cannot WAIT for the next one!!

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