Life Update – I’m Buying a House!

What’s going on right now? Where have I been, and for goodness sake, why haven’t I been posting?

Well… I’m buying a house!

A real, front door, back door, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, converted garage house! And in a beautiful twist of kismet, it’s about 2 blocks from the high school I attended in freshman and sophomore year, the high school that I loved dearly, and felt accepted and challenged at. It’s got bright blue doors, big windows, and lovely light brown floors. And in about two weeks, it will be all mine.


It will be a home for hosting: friends, dinners, workshops, crafts, games. A home for love, laughter, and silliness. A home for listening, tears and tea. Early mornings, lazy brunches and late nights.


Randall and I will fill it with ourselves, our hopes, our MarioKart and of course, so many flowers. So many lovely plans brewing, so much smiling happens as I picture the near (and far) future. I’ve got a massive spreadsheet where I keep track of ideas (favorites include: “plant a mini orchard in back yard – pomegranate, fig, citrus, maybe a peach or two” and “paint quilt mural in craft room???”) and the blessedly few maintenance needs.


It truly feels like everything is fitting beautifully into place, and I’ve consciously chosen to not second guess it. Starting April 1st, this will be our official home, and can’t wait to welcome each of you into it.



3 thoughts on “Life Update – I’m Buying a House!

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