Moon Church Recap: February Full Moon in Virgo


As always, yesterday’s Moon Church left me full of wonder at my sheer luck. Lucky that I know such amazing women, and lucky that you were all ready and willing to join in with your open hearts.

moon church feb 16

Section of the program

We started off by getting to know one another, and how our month or week has gone. There were triumphs, pain, new dedications, and conflicts.

Then, we learned about the significance of this Virgo Moon through a Chani Nicholas reading. Here’s my favorite part:

We can know all of the things we must work on, all the ways in which we can do better, all of the things we must grow into and still feel appreciation for the day, for the skin that we are in and for ourselves. We can hold one another accountable while still holding one another with a compassionate heart. We can look at the world, in all its pain, sorrow and injustice and still know it’s worth fighting for, still know that there is love here, still believe that justice will, in the end, win. We can know that even in the most intense struggles to become ourselves and to find our way, we are still, and will always be, a perfect fit for our own lives.

Next were grounding exercises! We stomped and stamped our feet, shaking out the old anxious energy and sending it like lightning bolts into the earth. We took turns guiding one another through the Tree of Life meditation (roots down, branches up), feeling the Earth absorb and accept our stress and worries.


Then we released! Folks had either brought old clothes to donate, or were visualizing which ones they wanted to give away when they returned home. Each woman selected a particular item of clothing that represented a worry or stress, and shared why she was letting it go. We had a pair of shoes that someone was pressured into buying, a skirt that no longer fit, a dress that represented a stressful relationship. There was a skirt that did fit again, a sweater representing complacency, and a whole bunch of very uncomfortable bras. It was wonderful to see everyone release what was holding them back.

Also helpful for letting go? This amazing Marie Kondo book. Have you drank the KonMari kool aid? Let me know in the comments!

After a quick and lovely break, we used that freed up space to welcome in new goals and plans, and planted zinnia seeds to stand for those goals. There were plans for boundary setting, ultra-marathons, de-cluttering and packing. Making new friends, self care, and acing the GREs.

I sat there, listening to these fierce bold women plan their lives, and was in awe that I have them in my life. These new friends and old, ready to take care of themselves and each other. Striving the best they can to better themselves. Thank you all for being such beautiful examples. I always love the sharing and vulnerability that each of you brings – thank you so much!

moon church feb 2015 blog image

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