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A ROAD OF YOUR OWN hosts empowering online and in person events for women in Austin, Central Texas, and beyond, all from an inclusive feminist perspective. So let’s get together and talk about how to be good to ourselves and good to each other. All women are encouraged to navigate and build their own lives, and strengthen their own unique style of wonderful. Find Your Road! 


Explore your goals, manage your stressors and build better relationships with yourself and others in an inclusive feminist setting. Each event will have expert speakers, concrete takeaways, and a relaxing and supportive environment. Check out past events and register for upcoming ones here!


All the topics of the events get discussed, plus worksheets (Worksheets! says my inner 4th grader with glee). You’ll also find posts about practicing authenticity, links I love from around the internet, feminism, inspiring quotes and posts about my life in general.


Hello! My name is Katie, and I’m currently living in Austin, TX.

Growing up as the oldest girl of three sisters, I always valued positive female communities: my Girl Scout Troops, camp cabins, even editions of American Girl Magazine. That carried through to my adult life, when I attended Bryn Mawr College, a women’s only institution, and built my strong and diverse network of women friends around the world. I felt so supported and inspired when surrounded by these communities of my peers and mentors. Empowering communities of women is my passion and my continued pursuit.

I’m a sister to two bad-ass women, a friend to even more, a partner to an awesome man, and an avid reader. When I’m not writing or event hosting, I love to ride my bicycle to Barton Springs Pool for a swim or spend a half hour coloring (for real, it’s the best!). I’m always happiest when I’m surrounded by thoughtful and compelling ladies at an event that I’ve planned. You can follow me on Twitter here.


I send a weekly email letter called “Circle Time”, in honor of my favorite part of elementary school. You’ll learn about amazing women in the past and present, get a digest of recent posts, peeks at upcoming events, and a compliment about how great you are. Because you totally are. Be rad and Join the circle!


These are my sisters. We all have the exact same laugh.

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